Accommodation review: Nashville, USA

Best Western Downtown Convention Centre

Last November I spent a few days in Nashville, Tennessee. I had asked around for some cheap accommodation, something not too far from the main part of the town, cheapish, but still nice. One friend recommended we stay at the Best Western Downtown Convention Centre, and when I go back to Nashville (which is a definite), I wouldn’t think twice about staying here again.

This is why.

Service: 10/10

The service at this hotel is something I have never experienced before – astounding!

Two of us out of the six travellers weren’t room bound and wanted to do something we’ve dreamt about… go horse riding in Nashville. Being in Tennesse, you would assume this wouldn’t be hard to organise. But it was proving more difficult than anticipated due to the season.

Then we met John.

John, the general manager at the time, was incredible. Not only did he research the horse riding options, he also researched how we would get there. He was quoted approx $80 from a cab driver, but after we said yes we’d book that in and he called back, the price had miraculously jumped up to more than $120! More outraged than us, John said he was not going to book that as it was a rip off. He told us not to worry and to come down in the morning and something would be sorted.

We were anxiously waiting in the foyer in the morning, asking to speak to John, thinking it hadn’t been booked and we were going to miss our horse ride, when John pulls up in his personal car.

“Alright girls, I’m going to drive you”.

The manager himself, took the time to drive us the half hour trip to Juro Stables (I would also highly recommend this company), then waited for us while we rode the horse for 2 hours, and then drove us back. He used his personal car, and only asked us to cover his gas – of course we threw in a bit more for a tip, but it was still much cheaper than we were quoted by the cab service. It was quite nice actually, swapping stories and hearing about the different places he had lived in America.

The rest of the staff were also great. The lady in the breakfast room always greeted you with a welcoming ‘good morning’, the staff around the hotel were always friendly, and hay, one of the door men even gave me a piece of his pizza when I came in after a night out drinking!

Rooms: 9/10

Despite not having the fridge which was listed as an inclusion for the room, the room was perfect for our needs. The bathroom had been renovated, leaving a nice large modern space. The shower had a good amount of pressure (one of the things I treasure the most in accommodation!) and the mirror was large enough for two people getting ready. The room itself was large enough for two people, with a double bed, desk, bedside tables…the usual.

The only thing I could really fault was ventilation. There were no windows to open – only the door to outside. So we spent the majority of the time with the air conditioner on fan.

Location: 10/10

Location was great! Just a short 10 minute walk to the main strip of town.

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