Travelling is the best way to reflect

Travelling is the best way to reflect. Reflect on your life at home, your relationships, how you’ve got to this point in life, and where you want to be in the future.

This time last week I got on a plane to start my journey, eat pray love style. I am a woman in search of my word.

I know that my word is going to change multiple times on this journey, but at this point in time I’ve come to realise it is baggage.

Carting three bags from hostel to hostel, I started to ask the question why do we have so much stuff? Trying to create a plan to cut down on my luggage for the latter half of this year, I began to think that this could be a metaphor for my life.

Do we always pack so much into our ‘bag’ that it becomes a burden to carry? And if it is weighing us down why don’t we sort through it and find what is the most valuable to us and leave the rest behind?

Last night while solving the worlds problems over happy hour and talking through my new found word, Emma and I decided that for me, the third bag that I brought on this trip, the Sushi Bay bag, is definitely a burden that I have carried all the way from Australia. Nothing more than a persisting hassle.

Each night I’ve contemplated the necessity of the third bag. Why did I let it come on my journey? Was I afraid that if I didn’t have it with me, I would be alone without my ‘stuff’?

The months leading up to my departure for this trip of a lifetime were very emotional. The pressure from a breakup, tearing a ligament, being told I can’t travel, leaving a great job, trying to find a new job in a foreign country and so on, sent me on an emotional roller coaster. I would say I needed some time alone to help recover from this and heal, yet alone is a reality I am definitely not familiar or comfortable with.

Reflecting on the sushi bag bag I’ve decided that bringing the excess baggage with me across the world has hindered my healing process and is still preventing me to take the next step forward.

This is still a huge learning curve for me, and it is good to reflect, but I need to learn that I have to let go of some of my stuff and stop packing that third bag… a positive for my head space and my back! Over the next six months I am going to focus on sorting through the Sushi Bay bag and leave Japan without it.


2 thoughts on “Travelling is the best way to reflect

  1. We have exactly the same sentiment every time we travel and always re-evaluate our useless stuff when we come home. Somehow the actual ridding ourselves of it is much harder than thinking about it!!! I think we all long to get back to the simple life, but do not have the courage to divest ourselves of the many modern day ‘essentials’ in case we are going to miss out on something… we hedge our bets and hold on to most of it and give lip service to the fact that we don’t really need it! Good luck with your quest to divest 🙂

  2. did the same many moons ago in new zealand,went with 2 suitcases,sent them home 1 week after hitching around.Came home 3 mths later with one backpack. Can only relate to bag baggage,sorry,Em. Don’t go thinking too deep,might get headache.There for a good time,not necessarily a long time.

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