Osaka definitely lives up to its food reputation

I’ve been eating my way through Japan’s cities for 10 days now. Whilst each city has been unique with flavours and cuisines, Osaka definitely lived up to its food reputation. I had too many good meals to count, from Italian lunch sets which would cost you an arm and a leg back home to pancakes, ramen and okonomiyaki.

Two of my favourite places that I visited whilst in Osaka were a little local okonomiyaki restaurant two streets away from Hostel Toyo, and a pancake hut we found on a little side street called ‘Cafe Street’ when on our way to Shinsaibashi Suji.

Okonomoyaki Chitose Hideki Maeda

When we arrived to our Hostel we were exhausted. We’d been out until 5am the night before, hardly had any sleep, then were on the road again. We wanted to have a good feed and relax so we could get the most out of Sunday. This little local restaurant was a recommendation from the guy who checked us in – two streets away from the hostel was perfect for what we needed. Before we had even started our meal, we talked to some other Aussies who went the night before and had come back a second night in a row… it must be good, right? Wrong. Good is an understatement! It was one of the yummiest things we have eaten to date.

I had beef and squid, Em had squid and shrimp and we shared a pork omelette type thing. It was so delicious, and we too became regulars at the little restaurant. We went back twice more, taking new people who enjoyed it as much as we did. And each time we would get a little present from Mr Okonomiyaki… such a sweetheart!

Cooking okonomiyaki with the restaurant owner

Pancake Cafe Mog

We found this little hidden gem when we were on our way to Shinsaibashi Suji – what a great find! It was decorated to give it a cute cottage feeling and looked adorable. The atmosphere combined with the delicious food created for an amazing breakfast experience. I ordered the banana and caramel pancakes, and Em had the rye pancakes with maple syrup. They were amazing!

Banana pancakes
The banana caramel pancakes were the perfect combination of sweet and savoury for a filling breakfast that didn’t leave me feeling sick. The serving sizes were quite large – I didn’t manage to finish mine. Not only were the pancakes delicious but this cafe also had great coffee, something I’ve found to be rare over here in Japan. My late even came out with a little teddy bear drawn into the milk…very cute!

Teddy bear coffee

If you are looking for a nice brunch, or just a treat, I’d definitely recommend Pancake Cafe Mog.

I would love to have the chance to go back and eat some more of my way through Osaka!

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