Moving out …to Japan

Moving out of home for the first time is a pretty big deal. Moving out of home for the first time and living in another country is a huge deal! I’ve been in my new place in Nagoya, Japan, for just over a week now, and yes there’s been some challenging times, but overall it’s been a pretty liberating experience.

My apartment came with the bare minimum… so ten minutes after having the key I set off to find some toilet paper, a frying pan and anything else I could find to see me through my first night. Sounds easy right? Wrong!

At this point I didn’t know about the huge shopping centres which sell everything you can think of! Supermarkets here are more like a department store where you can pretty much buy anything and everything you want.. from bedding to noodles.

I couldn’t find any type of shop other than a convenience store, or four, in my local area so I went to the drug store (it’s a chemist meets big w type store) and got the essentials for the bathroom and laundry … using ‘Jenglish’ and hand actions to make sure the soaps I grabbed were to clean the right things.

Next thing on the list was a pan and/or a pot so I could make some food… this proved to be a pretty hard task. What I did find though was Daiso, the ¥100 shop. Unlike back in Australia where the 2 dollar shops sell next to nothing for $2, Daiso is full of goodies for ¥100. Amazing! I found pretty much all of the basic necessities for my place, and some not so necessary items to make my apartment feel more like a home.

I don’t need much to get by, just enough for me to attempt to cook two meals a day and have a cuppa and biscuit for a treat. I’m trying to avoid clutter, after all I’ve left Australia to get away from so much ‘stuff’, I don’t want to create the same space here.

After a week of making my coffee using a frying pan, I decided I could indulge in a pot… as dad would say, ‘luxury!’


People often don’t give themselves enough credit, but I’m going to say it,

I’m really proud of myself.

I’m proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone of mum and dads safe home to a country where I don’t even understand the language. From a home full of love and people to an apartment full of silence. From a cosy warm bed knowing I could get a cuddle from a loved one whenever I needed it to a hard thin bed with only a rice pillow to cuddle.

There has been some tough times… Particularly getting sick and which made me feel a bit homesick, but I think of all the things I’ve done, what I have planned and the people I’ve met and the happy feeling and sense of pride creeps back in.

Overall, moving out has been fun. I might have had to message 3 people to learn how to boil an egg, and how to turn the power back on after I short ciruited something, but it has definitely been an experience I will never forget. Now that I am settled in, I am really excited to explore the hot spots of Nagoya, as well as discover some of the unbeaten paths.

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