Capturing the perfect cherry blossom photo

Sitting in a pub in Sakae winding down and thinking about my day of walking kilometres to see the cherry blossoms and Osu Temple, and a chain smoking double date decide to sit at the table next to me.

One of the bad things about Japan is how, unlike in Australia, you can smoke as much as you like indoors. You can’t go to the pub for a quick drink without coming home smelling like a pack-a-day smoker.


Today I spent the day walking along the Yamazakiwaga River in Nagoya admiring the beautiful cherry blossoms. The riverbanks looked like they were covered in cotton wool trees from a distance. Every time the wind blew through the clusters of flowers some would gently float down to the ground, or onto someone, like a snowflake. It definitely was an amazing sight.


I tried to capture the picturesque site with shots of both the scenery and with me sporting a peace pose in front of the trees. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get a shot to show just how beautiful it was.

Now I’m not sure if it’s just because I’m a few beers down, but this has got me thinking. We spend so much time when we are meant to be sightseeing trying to get that perfect picture, that we sometimes forget to take it in with our two eyes rather than through a lens.

I think this applies to life in general. We spend too much time when travelling and even in every day life looking through a lens, or staring at a screen rather than taking in our surroundings and creating memories.

Exhibit A is me right now.. writing a blog on my phone in the pub instead of enjoying the atmosphere. I am using it as a means to look distracted but nonetheless it is altering my experience.

I am going to set myself a challenge. I want to stop seeing life through screens and lenses, but instead create visual memories with my own two eyes. Stop looking down when on a train and take in the scenery, think about the surroundings and the different areas. I’m not going to lie, I will still be photo documenting my time overseas, but I’m going to set boundaries. I’m going to have a ratio of time I can spend looking at something through my camera verses my own two eyes.


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