Kyoto, the perfect combination of everything!

I’m tired, smelly and sore. My feet feel like they’ve been put through torture. My healing ligament feels like someone is jumping on it making a twinging feeling every fifth step. My eyes are having trouble focusing on the coffee cup I’ve strategically placed just inches from my face so when I’m not sipping the life saving brew, the aroma is helping to keep me alert. My back feels like someone’s hit it with a cricket bat… But I still have a huge smile from one side of my face to the other.

I’ve just had the best two days falling in love with Kyoto.

I visited 3 out of the 17 world heritage sites in the city. I fed monkeys at the top of a mountain. I saw Geishas. I ate lunch under the cherry blossoms on thin cushions at a pop up Japanese restaurant. I ate street food. I saw street performances including singing, flame throwing and various instruments being played. And this is just the beginning of what I got up to.

I couldn’t have fitted another thing into my 33 hours here in this city, even if I tried!

There’s too much to go into detail about everything I did right now… my mind isn’t working properly. But, in a nutshell my highlights definitely were:

• Kiromizi-Dera, a Buddhist Temple which is home to the love shrine.

• Arashiyama, home to the monkey park and bamboo grove

• Gion, the place for Geisha spotting and cherry blossom viewing along the small river

•Maruyama-Koen, a huge park currently filled with people and food stalls for cherry blossom festival. If you’re in the Hirashiyama area and want some time away from temples and shrines there’s plenty of spots in the park to sit, relax, eat or read a book!

I liked Kyoto so much it’s become one of my favourite cities… in the world! It’s the perfect combination of culture with nature. The perfect mix of traditional and modern. There’s so many things to do you will never be bored. If you are travelling to Japan and don’t see Kyoto, you are definitely missing out!


4 thoughts on “Kyoto, the perfect combination of everything!

    1. The street food was pretty good.. Best fried chicken I’ve had here! I’ve tasted a range of street food… It’s definetly a higher quality than many other countries!

  1. When we started reading, it reminded us of the oxfam walk! Glad to hear you are having a great time. Sounds wonderful. Thanks for the updates.

    1. It did feel a bit like when we reached chekcpoint 3!!! But at laws I knew I didn’t have to keep going, I could rest 🙂 xx

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