My word has changed

I’ve only spent two months in Japan, but I have learnt so much! I haven’t been searching for my next word, however this morning on my way to teach at Kisagawa, a light bulb clicked on. I am no longer worried about the excess baggage I left in Australia/brought with me. My word has changed.

My new word is developing.

Instead of using my energy trying to fall in love with boys, I’m focusing on falling in love with and developing incredible experiences in new cities.

Instead of trying to make bad relationships work, I’m developing new lifelong friendships.

Instead of helping big companies build their reputation, I’m helping kids grow, learn and develop.

Instead of trying to understand other people, I’m focusing on discovering new things about myself and developing a better understanding of who I am and what I want.

Instead of spending all of my time at home doing pointless things like playing on the computer or watching tv, I’m using some of my time more wisely developing my cooking skills.

Instead of seeing every day as a list of chores or things to do, I’m developing my way of thinking and seeing every day as an opportunity to learn.

I’m excited to see where my new word leads me… I definitely am developing a whole new understanding of myself!


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