Go the Dragons!! Nagoya Dome, Dragons baseball game

After a full day of exploring the Higashiyama Zoo and Sky Tower I was a little worn out, but the excitement of going to my first baseball game ever, let alone at Nagaoya Dome, woke me up!
Nagoya Dome is really easy to get to, you can take the Meijo Subway line from your closest connecting station and get off at Nagoya Dome Mae Yada. From the station the dome is less than a 5 minute walk… and there will definitely be a stream of people to follow if it’s a game day!

I didn’t know this but you can buy your ticket at the gate, which is much cheaper than online because there’s no handling fee which makes going to the baseball super expensive! We decided to sit with the Dragons fans seeing as we are now locals… We needed to support our home team. We were lucky enough to be with a Japanese friend who was able to explain this to us and talk to the ticket lady on our behalf.

After a slight hiccup within 10 minutes of us having arrived when I lost my wallet with everything important in it, including my house key, we were able to settle down and enjoy the game.

Not having seen any baseball games before I have nothing to compare this to, but it was definitely a fun experience. The fans would only cheer when their team were batting, and sit down quietly waiting and watching in anticipating until their team was back in to bat.

I had no idea what they were saying but picked up on a few key words and started yelling with them, filling in the gaps with mumbled words that sounded similar. I tried to teach them the only chant I knew from the Simpsons “we want a pitcher not a belly itcher” but it didn’t catch on, except for Kaname who started yelling it with me, so I reverted back to trying to learn the Japanese cheers.

As always, the Japanese people sitting around us were so friendly… even though some of them were upset about the Dragons losing. We made friends with the old ladies behind us who gave Luke some octopus ink crackers which looked like. Lack rice crackers and tasted so fishy. They also made sure the beer man came to us if we wanted a beer… At one stage when I shouted out and he served some people behind us they had a word to him telling him we wanted beer to. We also made friends with an older couple at the end of our row, the man gave me a Dragons badge which was exciting… My first piece of merchandise. And then the girls in front of us and the guys next to us kept sharing their food with us and having photos with us. Very fun!

I didn’t buy any food in the dome but beers were pretty reasonably priced, costing ¥600 for a large sized beer. It’s good to know that you can actually bring in your own snacks… So it’s worth a trip to the Aeon across the road to grab some nibbles if you want to munch on some treats throughout the game.

Once the game is over there is a mad rush to get to the subway, but if you are like us and want some food you can head to one of the local izakayas nearby and enjoy some food and more beer until the rush dies down.

Can’t wait to wear my badge to the next game!


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