Accommodation review: Guesthouse Jiyu-Jin, Kyoto, Japan

When I visited Kyoto I squished as much into 2 days as possible. I wouldn’t of had such a memorable and enjoyable experience if it hadn’t have been for my great accommodation at Guesthouse Jiyu-Jin. I only stayed one night, but it definitely has left a lasting impression on me and I have since recommended it to travellers who I have met.

Service 10/10

From arrival to departure the service at this hostel was exceptional. They were very helpful in with directions, information about the area as well as showing you the hostel and facilities. They even show you how to punch in the code for opening the door after hours. Reception is closed over a lunch period during the day and from 10pm at night so make sure you time your check in around this. If you have any emergencies outside reception hours there is a call button you can press and someone will be able to help.

Rooms 9/10

I stayed in a 4 bed female dorm. The rooms were quite small so Woolf be tight to fit in everyone’s luggage if travelling with big bags. I however only had a laptop and so could fit everything on my shelf above my bed. Each bed had a curtain you could draw around it for privacy and to keep keep out the light, but sadly it doesn’t keep out everything when the main light is turned on by travellers leaving at 5am. Each bed also has a power outlet and a personal light which makes it easy to charge your electronics and stay up researching what to do tomorrow without keeping the others awake.

Location 9/10

The hostel is about a 5 minute walk from a subway and bus station. It is in between two convenient stores and is close to a spa world. The map which the hostel gives you highlights all of the best local spots.

Facilities 10/10

The common room was quite nice with a small kitchen which had a shared fridge and cooking equipment. There was a big table where you could sit and eat or research which was near the balcony outside. Other facilities included a washing machine, hair dryers and free wifi. The shower and toilet was quite modern however there was only 2 showers and 3 toilets, so if the hostel was fully booked you might have to wait to use the amenities.

Overall it was a great place to stay. The staff were very helpful and always up for a chat. Depending on what time you’re going to Kyoto it can be difficult to accommodation, so check it out in advance before it all books out!

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