My Japanese birthday … The big 25!

This is the first time that I’ve celebrated my birthday in another country without my family and Aussie friends… But it was just as special as every other birthday I’ve had thanks to all of my amazing friends here in Japan.

I worked during the day where I got a present book off the students who had all drawn pictures of me, lots of cuddles, some yummy cakes and a 2.5 hour early mark!

Home early enough to relax and get ready was a treat. My roommate Allison and I might have gone a little bit crazy with the nibblies, but you only turn 25 once!

We were ready to go and headed to the beer garden, picking up some others on the way. The beer garden was so much fun… And better food than the last one I went to. It cost ¥3900 but that got you unlimited drinks and food. We even got to try tongue!20140612-210411-75851087.jpg
The beer garden was so much fun, with lots of laughs, food, drinks and different tables singing me happy birthday. It felt like it was closing moments after we’d got there.

After saying bye to a few people who couldn’t come out we headed to 59ers, a smallish bar in Sakae. The bartender of this bar remembers everyone, you walk in and get greeted by name. I told him it was my birthday, and then next minute he starts playing happy birthday and brings out a birthday cocktail with a sparkler in it.

After this he brings out a bottle of champagne which he insisted on popping the cork on my forehead, followed by a test tube rack of shots, first full of jäger. He’d sing happy birthday then give me the shot, say 2 and repeat. After 4 he said someone else could help me out so I gave the last two away. I thought this was more than enough, then he got out the tequila. He was sitting next to me in the booth joining in the fun, it’s the best customer service at a bar that I’ve ever had!



Our last stop was Second Gens, one of Nagoya’s ‘clubs’ which is open all night. There was still quite a few of us out by this stage and it was so much fun! Some of the bouncers who I had already made friends with kept giving me free drinks tickets because it was my birthday, and we all just danced the night away!

It was a very special way to celebrate turning another year older… It goes to show that it doesn’t matter where you are, it really depends on who you are with to have a good time. I am so grateful to have made such good friends in my short time here!








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