Oktoberfest, the happiest place in the world

I have spent the last week in Munich and experiencing the first four days of Oktoberfest…. Literally the happiest place in the world.

I had the unfortunate experience of camping with most days raining making the camp site muddy and wet, and the temperature dropping to around zero degrees overnight. But it was worth it!

You’ll have the time of your life no matter what, but here are a couple of tips for the festival.

1. Meet some locals. We had the absolute best time with locals on out last night. The tents are a bit less rowdy than the touristy tents. IMG_6382-2.JPG

2. If you want a table for the day, get there early. On opening day you needed to get there at 8ish to get a table. After the opening weekend you can get there between 10 and 11 and still get a table in some tents.

3. If you don’t want to go in for the day, you can still have an amazing time if you go from about 7… Majority of people are a bit rowdy by now and happier to share their table with you.

4. Wear closed in shoes. You will see so many steins getting smashed when people get overexcited when shouting ‘prost’.

5. Dress up. It’s not compulsory, it’s just more fun!





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