A Japanese Halloween

I’m not from a big halloween culture which makes being in a country which has huge halloween celebrations very exciting. Last year I was lucky enough to spend halloween in America, and this year I have seen how it is celebrated in Japan.

It was interesting to learn a few things about halloween in general, but also specifically to Japan from some of my adult students:

1. Halloween originated in Ireland – here I was thinking it was all an American thing!

2. Halloween hasn’t always been this popular here, and it has only started to come out of the woods these last few years.

3. Foreigners were reported to say that they like coming to Japan for halloween as they can dress up in anything and not feel insecure like they would in their own country seeing as cos play is so popular here – who’d have thought Japan was a country of interest to visit for halloween!

There were two main parties on the Saturday of the Halloween weekend in Nagoya, The Sexy Party and The Absolute Party, both said to be as much fun as the other. We chose to go the The Absolute Party, which gave you entrance into 8 different venues. It was so much fun, there were people on the streets partying, every venue had a good vibe with plenty of people – all of whom got into the spirit and were dressed in a variety of costumes. If you register a few weeks beforehand, you have the opportunity to win a money prize for best dressed costume, but even if you don’t, everything is so much more fun when you are dress up!

If you are in Japan or Nagoya when there is a calendar event, be sure to look up what is happening as there is sure to be some celebrations – even during the weeks leading up. In Nagoya, you can look at the events listing in the free publication NagMag for event listings.IMG_6673.JPGIMG_6688.JPG





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