Accommodation Review: Rainbow Lodge Hong Kong

Where you stay when travelling can either make or break your trip. And travelling to a new place, choosing somewhere to stay at random, basing your opinions on reviews, is always a gamble. But I think it is safe to say, and I think everyone else who I met at this hostel would agree, that we hit jackpot with Rainbow Lodge Hong Kong. It is definitely up there with the best hostels I have ever stayed in. From great atmosphere, to wonderful customer service and the perfect location, I couldn’t have asked for anything more during my stay at Rainbow Lodge HK.

Rainbow Lodge Hong Kong

Service 10/10

From the moment I checked in, service at the hostel was incredible. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful, offering you advice on things to do, places to see and the good places to eat and drink near by. They are very accommodating with your needs, and will try their best to meet all of your requests. I asked if I could move beds after the first night to be in a lower bed, and they were able to move the bed schedule and change my bed by the time I got back from sightseeing that day.

There were also numerous hostel events coordinated in the week that I was there. Seeing as our stay was over Christmas and the majority of us staying in the hostel were travelling alone, it was very comforting to have friendly events organised. On Christmas Eve there was pizza and wine, followed by Sam, one of the amazing workers, taking us to Lan Kwai Fong (LKF) to celebrate bringing in Christmas. He also took us to an amazing dim sum  breakfast on another occasion which was delicious and cheap, it was great to have some local knowledge!

Rooms 9/10

Although the rooms were small with quite a few people in them, they felt quite spacious. There was room under two bunks in my room for suitcases so they were kept out-of-the-way. The only thing I wasn’t too keen on was the ladder to my top bunk on the first night was actually the lockers, and people put their belongings in front of the locker door where you would need to step. This made it a bit difficult to climb down in the morning with no light! Other than that, the beds were comfy, each had its own light, power board and privacy curtain. I had a great sleep for the few hours I was in it each night!

Location 10/10

You couldn’t ask for a better location. The hostel is in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsu, about a one minute walk from the subway station and 1o minutes from the star ferry terminal which will take you across to Central Hong Kong. It is very easy to get to any of the major tourist sites using the public transport nearby to the hostel, and you can also walk to the ferry terminal which will take you to Macau if you want to go on an adventure. If you do want to go out partying in Central Hong Kong, the last subway stops around midnight, but you can get a taxi back to the hostel for approximately 90 – 100 Hong Kong dollars.

Facilities 9/10

The facilities of the hostel were pretty good. There were two separate showers and toilets, and then a shower room which had a toilet and basin in it. I found the showers were too small to get dressed in and there were no private areas to get changed, so if you are a little conservative, make sure you get a single gender room. Other than that they were very clean, always had hot water and definitely did the job!

When I go back to Hong Kong, I will definitely be booking at Rainbow Hotel again. I had such a great time there, and it was definitely a major part of me falling in love with Hong Kong. If you’re travelling to Hong Kong, you should check out Rainbow Lodge Hong Kong for sure!

Photo courtesy of Rainbow Lodge Hong Kong,
Photo courtesy of Rainbow Lodge Hong Kong,


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