Live every day like a tourist 

My experiences over the last few months haven’t been quite the same as the 14 months beforehand. In fact, they look a little something like this:

Early April, moved back to Australia after spending an exciting 14 months living in Japan and travelling the world. 

Late April, ‘moved’ from my parent’s house in Western Sydney to Sydney CBD (really this was me lugging some suitcases to the city for a house sitting gig which saw me sleeping on an air mattress with a shower curtain for a door and living out of a bag).

Early May, started full time work in my ‘career’ industry. 

Late May, the feeling that I am back in a ‘routine’ kicks in.

I’ve come to realise that the stages of life between moving back from an overseas adventure to slipping straight back into ‘normal’ life are overlapping, and it doesn’t take long to cross to the other side completely. Everyone knows that when travelling no one is ever short of an amazing story to tell. But then when you look at being back to living a ‘normal’ life, we tend to fall into a mundane routine which leaves us unhappy and not feeling satisfied.

My housemate and I have often talked about this phase of integrating your exciting lifestyle where you have the urge to constantly be experiencing new things back into your everyday life. He originally pitched his idea of Break Your Mould (#breakyourmould) to me while I was living overseas, but now I can see how I can truly put it into action. I understand it.

Picture this, you’ve been on the road travelling, exploring, tasting, feeling and seeing new and exciting things on a daily or even hourly basis.  When someone asks what you’ve been up to, your response might be something like this…

“Well last week I climbed this amazing mountain, that night I hung out with locals before going to a traditional show…”

Now think of this, you’ve been working all week and you meet a friend on the weekend who asks the same question, except this time you answer with…

“Oh nothing much, just working.”

This is what I am trying to avoid. Despite being home, I am trying to experience new things. I am trying to break my mould and beat falling back into the routine of life. I am trying to live my life as if I am a tourist.

Some of my highlights of ‘first times’ from this week include eating crocodile, eating dinner at The Lemon Tree, having drinks and watching the fireworks at Vivid, tasting the delicious sandwiches at Brickfields cafe, and having a drink at Uncle Mings bar.

The idea of trying something new every day doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It can be as simple as eating something new or walking a new way to work. The idea behind it is to bring elements of being a tourist to your everyday life and be willing to try new things. There’s no reason why life needs to be boring just because you aren’t an official tourist. Try new things. Dare to live and make the most out of your life.


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