Success: setting your own definition

As of today I have been unemployed for 73 days. Not because I wasn’t good at my job, or because I was having a baby, or even that I decided to become a ground-breaking entrepreneur in an attempt to change the world and become a billionaire. It has been 73 days simply because I decided that I wanted to follow my heart and continue to learn about the world, and my place in it.

Looking back at this time it’s safe to say I have hit a few milestones, yet I would be lying if I didn’t say that it has been quite the roller-coaster. Naturally being the emotional sibling, I have broken down once (okay, maybe twice) questioning if I had made the right decision.Β I thought that by packing up and leaving everything again, I was kind of going backwards in life.

But what I thought at the time as a step backwards in my career and my savings, one of my friends described as a step forward in life.

Thanks to this new way of looking at it, I realised that I might not be successful in a conventional way –Β  I might need to take a few steps backwards, financially, starting new friendship groups and potentially in my career, but that doesn’t mean that I am unsuccessful.

I’ve reminded myself that we each need to define our own success.

If we are focused on setting our goals and achieving these, we may not be the richest person we know, or the CEO of a company, but we will be successful in our own way.

Over the past 73 days I have challenged myself; I moved to a new country with no guarantee I would find work, I have said goodbye to my closest friends and family and I have put myself in a country where the language, culture and traditions are quite diverse from what I knew back home. In my opinion, that is pretty successful for someone with a goal to learn more about the world and their place in it!

Success:Β the act of setting goals and fulfilling our personal definition of success


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