about me

I’m a 24-year-old girl with a passion for travel who decided that life was too short to spend my time behind a desk.

So I quit my job, bought a ticket and headed off on what is going to be the best 14 months of my life learning new things about countries, cultures and myself.

I believe that living our life is like writing our own story. I am living my life day-to-day, making the most of every opportunity and jumping at any chance of a new adventure to make sure my story is one full of exciting tales, unforgettable memories and one worth talking about for years to come.

4 thoughts on “about me

  1. Hi, I am an exchange student currently living in Nagoya and am really interested in doing the Kakizore Gorge hike. I know what train to take, but I was wondering if you had any more tips as far as attempting to find the actual route once you get to the Juunikane station.

    1. Hi Megan, once you get to the station there is a map at the bottom of the stairs. This is all in Japanese and a bit hard to navigate. I took a photo of this which helped along the way when we got lost, but it also came down to using my friends phone as he had internet and we could check some of the routes while we were walking. If you can take a photo of the map it will help, but do you have a phone just in case?

  2. Hey Em!

    I hope you’re well! So this is super random and hopefully not too lame but basically, I got nominated for this Liebster Award which is something bloggers give to other bloggers to encourage other bloggers to keep on blogging. Well, I really enjoy your blog so I’d like to nominate you! You don’t really have to do anything but if you have time, there are some questions on my latest post.


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