My ‘Dolce far Niente’: gardens, nunneries and Rugby 7s

People have often said to me that they wouldn’t know what to do with themselves if they didn’t work…which I’ve never understood. During my three months of not working, I’ve never been bored or wishing I was back at work. Instead, I’ve been embracing one of the good old Eat, Pray, Love lessons to practice ‘Dolce far Niente’, the sweetness of doing nothing.


Living out our own 80s Hong Kong movie

This week we moved into our home… picture a scene out of an 80s Hong Kong movie and that’s basically where we are living. Our run down old building is home to quite a mix of people, including the flower cart owner who sells fresh flowers during the day downstairs before carting his stock up the stairs to his home, the lady on level two who burns ‘hell papers’ in a metal bin outside her apartment in the stairwell

An arty week

There’s a huge class gap here in Hong Kong. Little do tourists know, but there are people who are living in cage homes, elderly who have to collect and sell cardboard at all hours of the morning to make ends meet, and foreign domestic workers who are often exploited Рand sometimes treated like second class citizens.

Flowers and festivals in Hong Kong

Like a delicious Pret A Manger club sandwich that we have become attached to as our comfort food, our weeks here in Hong Kong are filled with colourful, delicious and unexpected adventures. We are making daily observations about the city, the way it treats the wealthy and the poor, and the type of people that live here, while trying to savour every new suburb and cultural experience…planned and unplanned.