An arty week

There’s a huge class gap here in Hong Kong. Little do tourists know, but there are people who are living in cage homes, elderly who have to collect and sell cardboard at all hours of the morning to make ends meet, and foreign domestic workers who are often exploited – and sometimes treated like second class citizens.


Hong Kong’s colourful umbrellas

Navigating your way through Hong Kong when it’s raining is like going swimming at the beach during blue bottle season. You have to be on guard the whole time, making every movement a deliberate decision trying to dodge the stingers, or in rainy Hong Kong, the umbrellas.

Flowers and festivals in Hong Kong

Like a delicious Pret A Manger club sandwich that we have become attached to as our comfort food, our weeks here in Hong Kong are filled with colourful, delicious and unexpected adventures. We are making daily observations about the city, the way it treats the wealthy and the poor, and the type of people that live here, while trying to savour every new suburb and cultural experience…planned and unplanned.

Istanbul, a wonderfully diverse city

This time last year I fell in love with Turkey. It’s an amazing country, great food, so much history, friendly people for the most part, and beautiful scenery. I spent two and a half weeks travelling through Turkey with my mum and dad, hitting up some of the ‘must see’ spots, and let me tell you, they are must see spots for a reason.

A spontaneous trip to Hobart

When I came home from living in Japan I made a conscious decision to not let myself stop living ‘expat life’. I want to continue to have the same thrills of meeting new people, discovering new places, learning about different areas and trying various foods. So I knew what had to be done. I booked a ticket and went on an adventure.