Heartbreak is the key to learning about the world

When I was 21 years old I went through a horrible breakup. I’ll spare you the details, but as a brief glimpse into the emotional roller coaster which lasted for more than six months, it was the breakup  from a five year relationship that I thought would forever taint my idea of love.

Despite what you’ve been told, millennials are extremely loyal.

Despite being a millennial, I have never viewed myself as not being loyal. This is quite interesting, because I have been labelled a ‘job hopper’, I have five bank accounts open and I have a dozen loyalty cards in my wallet proving I can’t commit to a relationship with just one barista.

Moving to minimalism

My old housemate and I used to talk about minimalism a lot. We day dreamt about the possibility of only owning 100 items…including undies. We talked about how each item would need to be carefully chosen, with thought given to each… is it multi purpose? How long will it last? Will it improve my life? and so on.

Living out our own 80s Hong Kong movie

This week we moved into our home… picture a scene out of an 80s Hong Kong movie and that’s basically where we are living. Our run down old building is home to quite a mix of people, including the flower cart owner who sells fresh flowers during the day downstairs before carting his stock up the stairs to his home, the lady on level two who burns ‘hell papers’ in a metal bin outside her apartment in the stairwell

An arty week

There’s a huge class gap here in Hong Kong. Little do tourists know, but there are people who are living in cage homes, elderly who have to collect and sell cardboard at all hours of the morning to make ends meet, and foreign domestic workers who are often exploited – and sometimes treated like second class citizens.