Eating our way through Nagoya, Akbar Indian food

My roommate and I recently discovered some delicious local restaurants, and made the decision that we needed to eat our way through Nagoya.

Last week we found a local Indian restaurant’s lunch special which we decided would be perfect for our food mission, and we were definitely not disappointed.

The restaurant which is called Akbar has two locations, one in Sakae and one near Nagoya station. Both locations are underground so not easy to come across unless you are specifically looking for them… Make sure you look it up before heading out, particularly if you don’t have internet on your phone or speak Japanese (both of which apply to me!)

The lunch special is a great deal, with different set options, with the deluxe option, the most expensive, only setting you back ¥1080. And if you eat it all you probably won’t need a big dinner, if any at all!

By coincidence I had actually already eaten at the Akbar in Sakae and without knowing gave this meal the thumbs up saying it was one of the best Indian meals I’ve eaten here in Nagoya, on par with the restaurant I went to in Sakae…what a coincidence! Being more than satisfied with both meals at Akbar, I would highly recommend it. The dinner sets aren’t as affordable as the lunch sets, with a minimum price being around ¥1500. But with the amount of food you get, I would suggest going for lunch anyway so you have more of a chance to eat it all!

You can find the restaurants here:
Nagoya station area – In the basement of Castle Plaza (B1) which is on Sakura Dori. About a 5 minute walk from Nagoya station, east side.

Sakae– On Hirokuji Dori, just along from Maruzen. Take exit 1 from Sakae station and head towards Fushimi. You will see a Starbucks on the corner to the left, it is underneath this. It has signs on the street indicating it is downstairs.

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