Why wait for the new year to make a new you?

It’s just 12 days into the new year and I feel like it has already shaped to be a cracker of a year. I brought the new year in celebrating in Seoul, meeting up with an amazing new friend who I met the week before in Hong Kong. I’ve had my first experience at a gay bar watching a drag show with some extremely talented performers. I’ve made my first visit to an onsen (Japanese hot springs), something I’ve wanted to do for months. I’ve resigned from teaching English in Japan and started to apply for jobs in new countries, back in the industry I’m passionate about. And the list goes on.

Reflecting on my great start to the year, I find myself sitting here at 2am thinking about the good old New Years tradition…. making a new years resolution. And we all know the cliché motivation behind it:

“New year, new me.”

The more I think about this, the more I get confused. Why does this ‘new you’ only come with a new year? Why doesn’t everyone make a conscious decision to live their life for them, the way they want it to be everyday of the year? If we want to change something so bad, why do we have to wait until the new year to fix it? Why do we only reflect at the end of the year on what we want to be different?

Living abroad has led me to see past these new years resolutions. Stepping outside of my comfort zone has helped me to learn more about myself, see the world in a different way and appreciate things in a new light. I have learnt that I have control of my life, I can make changes at any point in time. I don’t need to wait for a new year to motivate me to change things, I’ve learnt to change things as I go to make me happy. To love life. To enjoy every minute and to not make excuses about why I can’t change things I am unhappy with.

Without knowing, I changed this annual tradition to a daily tradition. I’ve replaced the ‘new year, new me’ motto with ‘new day, new me’. If there is something I want to change or something new I want to try, I do it. I don’t make excuses anymore about why I can’t change it. After all, why would I choose to wait for this once a year motivation, which will probably wear off by the 12th day, when I can make the most of everyday, making new goals and being happy with my decisions?

I don’t agree in new years resolutions anymore, but if I had to make one, mine would be:

“Keep living life and make 2015 as good as 2014.”


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