Moving to Hong Kong…

Just three years since I moved to Japan, and I’m off again. This time my Jackson and I decided to move to Hong Kong – with no job and no home to go to.

To say there haven’t been challenges would be an understatement, but as Jackson kept reminding me: “there’s a light at the end of the tunnel”, and he was right.

Once we got here, following a slight set-back at immigration with my working holiday visa, we were finally here. Exploring our new colourful city, making our small hotel room (and I mean small – 10 meters squared small!!) as homely as possible, and learning the ropes of the city.

It was the week of Chinese New Year, so naturally we looked up all of the festivities, enjoying some of the local traditions.

The Flower Market
We visited the market at Victoria Park, which runs for the two days in the lead up to CNY. The market is split into two – half of the market is dedicated to plus toys, the other half is for the flowers. We understood the flowers, but couldn’t work out where everyone was going to keep all of the plush toys!

To visit a festival at Victoria Park catch the MTR to Tin Hau on the Island Line, and follow the signs!

The Parade
This is a must-do, at least once if you’re in Hong Kong. The parade starts in Kowloon at 8pm, but make sure you are there early if you want to see anything – we stood on Nathan Road (Chung King Mansion side) and got a pretty good view. They have some ‘pre-parade’ activity, but it’s a repeat of what you will see in the main parade.

Hot tip: we stood waiting for 5 hours, so take some food and drink…but don’t drink too much, if you leave to use the bathroom it will be hard to get back to your spot.

Visit a Temple
This was my favourite of our CNY events! I think because it was the most cultural, there was so much positive energy, and it was out of the city centre. We visited the Che Kung Temple at Sha Tin, it was a rainy day but that didn’t dampen anyone’s mood. The temple was bustling, it was quite a colourful sight with the red lanterns and good luck symbols.

Attached to the temple was another festival, where you could get your palm reading told… I learnt I am in good health, I should get married after 27, I can’t rely on others to make my fortune and I have a good relationship with my siblings… who would have guessed it!


The Che Kung Temple is approximately 10 minutes walk from MTR Che Kung Temple Station – take Exit B.

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