Accommodation review: Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan

Emma and I just finished our short stay at Hostel Khaosan Samurai and have nothing but positive things to say about it!


Service 10/10

From arrival the staff were very friendly and helpful. We had already booked the first two nights of accommodation in a mixed dorm and were looking to add an additional night to our stay. There was only a twin share room available, which we booked. Seeing as it was a different room we technically needed to check out of the first room and then recheck in to the twin room. We left our luggage (and yes we are still trying to master the art of light packing so it was quite heavy) in reception and by the time we came back that evening our bags had been put in our new room.

Rooms 9/10

Both the mixed dorms and the twin room were very clean and although they seem small they are enough for the amount of time spent there! The bunk beds in the dorm each had a power outlet attached to the light at the head of the bed which made charging your phone/ camera quite easy. The bedding was provided and was clean and very warm for the cold nights… We didn’t have to use the heater once!

Location 8/10

The hostel was a 5-10 minute walk to Asakusa station – and don’t forget I have a knee brace on! It was in short walking distance of some great restaurants… look up the restaurant ‘Gatsun’ on the map from the hostel (number 10) for very cheap Ramen close by. You will pay around 500¥ depending on what you want for your meal and get a free top up of noodles!

The only bad thing we found with location is the distance from the party district. Bars seemed to close early in the areas of Asakusa we were in, and when we went to Shinjuku for a night out the last trains back to Asakusa were quite early.

Facilities 10/10

Facilities were great! They were regularly cleaned. We had two showers and two toilets on our floor which were very accessible. There is a separate area with two basins and mirrors for you to get ready in/ brush teeth etc.

Overall we were very happy with our stay and would highly recommend Khoasan Samurai to others travelling in the area.

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