Nagoya Aquarium and Port

Having heard mixed opinions of the Nagoya Port and Aquarium I decided to check it out for myself… I’m so glad I didn’t let the views of others stop me because I loved it!

The port isn’t anything too spectacular, but it’s still nice to get away from the clutter of apartment buildings and shopping centres for a day. It was pretty windy when I went, and having forgotten to wear a jumper I couldn’t stay outside for too long, but can imagine that on a bit of a nicer day this would be a good spot to sit and relax for a while.

There is the maritime museum right next to the main wharf at the port, which I didn’t find out about until I got back so didn’t get a chance to visit this time. But I did go to the aquarium!

It costs ¥2000 for an adult ticket, or ¥1800 if you bought a daily subway ticket (note to self, flash daily subway pass at all subway attractions to see if it gets a discount!)

The Nagoya Aquarium didn’t have as many animals as at the Osaka Aquarium, but I didn’t mind because the tanks/enclosures were bigger here. My favourite exhibit was the killer whales followed by the tornado of blue pilchard.


There were shows on throughout the day including a dolphin show which you could watch from an underwater tank or an above ground grandstand. There were also feeding shows and the tornado show of the pilchards…


I ate at the Turtle cafe in the aquarium – mainly because I didn’t know what was around, if you could get a pass out and I hadn’t eaten all day. But I would recommend going to the food court just a pebble throw away from the aquarium instead of here if you want a feed.. There’s more options, it’s cheaper and it looked like better food. At each of the exits you can stamp your hand for re admission, perfect if you want to run out for a bite to eat before the next show!

If you have time while you’re in Nagoya I’d suggest taking a trip out to the port and aquarium and experience it yourself.

To get there from Nagoya, take the Higashiyama line to Sakae and transfer to the Meijo line going to Nahoyako (Nagoya Port).

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